Looking for support from qualified Children’s Activity Professionals?


From P.E. provision to extracurricular clubs, cross-curricular education, the Active Source programme is delivered by experienced and qualified coaches who work with school staff to challenge and reward pupils.


We are delighted to offer official partner schools one-of-a-kind experiences and rewards. Our unique Star Challenge programme provides recognition to pupils in four areas: technical, tactical, physical, and character.

We offer an innovative and diverse learning environment for young people.


We provide this through highly qualified staff comprising of qualified teachers and mentors along with skilled and enthusiastic coaches.


These coaches have a wide range of qualifications and experience and have the use of high quality resources and the ability to offer coaching courses when relevant to the programmes to ensure learning is enjoyable and engaging.

The benefits of physical activity extend beyond health and into the classroom. Active Children learn better, concentrate more, and their academic performance increases.


FMC’s Active Source programme supports schools with all elements of our PE and school sports provision.


An Active School with Active Children does better:



We offer an inclusive service which supports your school and teachers to deliver fully inclusive quality assured programmes. This includes qualified staff working alongside your PE subject leader and senior leadership team to support programme delivery, monitor, implement and drive PE.

Our Coaches Are:


Our Staff have the following qualifications:


†National Governing Body


We use school systems to ensure safeguarding and behaviour consistency, delivering:



Speed shot challenge, Target challenge or “Beat the Keeper’, all great ways to help raise much needed funds for your school, ideal for after school events, fêtes etc. 


Delivering superb quality physical education lessons to approximately 500 children per week, we at Active Source believe that children should have the opportunity to express themselves in a variety of sports basing ‘success’ on effort as well as attainment level.


Active Source can take the responsibility away from your staff to organise and deliver a bespoke Sports Day in the Summer Term. In an era where technology is rife, what better way to know that your pupils are staying fit and active during school holidays than providing your very own sports camp. Multi-Sport camps are the ideal way to ensure children are active and engaged through sport. We can provide a tailored holiday sports camp at your school, based on facilities, ages and numbers.


Since starting Rising Stars in 2013, Active Source have provided a route into coaching for young people by supporting them to gain relevant experience and/or qualifications and have far exceeded all expectations leading us to expand our programme.


Active Source have an experienced team of coaches ready to work with your school teams, ensuring they are ready to compete. Head Teachers and PE Co-ordinators can rest assured their school will be well represented in fixtures and tournaments.


Children are registered and scored weekly based on performance, behaviour and attitude. This cumulative score will go towards their final score at the end of term. The competition enables your child to compete against other children of all ages and abilities in all different sports whilst learning the major skills required for their particular activity.

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